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Adam & Jayson Behind the Scenes

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This is not your average "blow and go." Shit, there's nothing regular about this pairing, right down to the amazing Adam Russo and Jayson Park. For this HDKRaw.com film, we had Jay just, "never turn off the camera;" we show you as much as "legally" possible. I'm gonna let you revel in the video without detailing all the happenings: I'm just gonna let the BEHIND THE SCENES comments "speak" for themselves. One other suggestion, have a towel handy!

10:23, Jayson needs to fill up with lube. Adam says, "I love edging myself," and proves it.
13:24, Jayson stops the filming. A pool of cum is already on the floor.
20:20, Jayson needs another break. Adam and Jayson chat about some of their "personal" turn-ons.
26:30, Jayson pants and says, "you're gonna fuck the cum out of me."
28:40, After Jayson "dismounts," the two joke about some "much needed" lube.
32:40, In total control, Jayson grunts, "fuck it!"
33:50, Adam is close as Jayson quips, "you wanna bust?"
36:02, Jayson knows the camera was on Adam's cock when he blew so he asks for a "repeat performance."
37:43 Calming his hole down, Jayson lies there as he and Adam chat about some of the guys they've "worked" with in the industry.
39:36, Wanting Adam in the right "position," Jayson gets a "pushy bottoms" retort.



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